Friday, 31 January 2014

How to take Screenshot on any Karbonn Smartphone (Android)


Taking a screenshot is always a thing of fun and enjoy but sometimes it can play a major role by acting as a solid visual proof. Few years back we have to download third party apps for enabling the option of screen capture in our Android phones but today most of them smartphone companies (almost all) are pre-embedding this useful feature in all their phones. Now we can anytime capture whatever there is on our phone’s screen. I personally love this feature a lot as it helps me and my friend to play and enjoy games like Temple Run to utmost (by challenging each other for new high scores and all).

Now let me take this discussion to a serious note. Screen Capture can become a visual proof in all sort of legal matters. Suppose someone is sending you abusive messages that you want to report to legal authorities. In such cases you can make a separate file of all those messages and can submit them as legal proof (in case your messages get deleted). It can also be used for online study. Suppose you are studying something on internet and that is available as simple plain text file (no potion of download is there). In such cases you can capture those notes with help of screen capture option. Believe me it is very helpful during exams.

Here I am going to discuss a way about how to use screen capture option on all the Karbonn smartphones. This method is suitable with following Karbonn smartphones:

• Karbonn Titanium S5
• S5 Plus
• Titanium S9
• A25
• A1+
• A6
• A9 Star
• A16
• A27+
• A51
• A9
• A35
• Smart A7 Star
• A3
• A90
• A3+
• A11+
• A4+
• A7+
• A5 Star
• A50
• A2
• A15+
• A30
• A12+
• Titanium S1
• Titanium X
• Titanium S2
• A91
• A18+
• A9+
• A99
• A12
• A26
• Smart A2+
• Titanium S7
• A27
• A15
• A21+
• A7
• Smart A10
• A5
• A5+
• A111
• A4
• A18
• A5i
• and all upcoming Karbonn smartphones

How To

Follow these steps:

1. Go to the screen that you want to capture
2. Press and hold the combination of Power + Vol. Down keys together for about 3-4 seconds
3. In rear cases you can also try the combination of Power + Vol. Up keys

Once your screenshot is captured, it will be stored inside “Screen Shot” named folder in Gallery. Head over to that folder to view all the captured screenshots. You can even apply editing effects to all the captured screenshots.



  1. I have karbonn a6 and I have tried this MG method hundreds of time but no screenshot is taken pls can u make a video with karbonn a6 only so that I could understand how toh take screenshot in karbonn a6
    Thanks waiting for your reply

    1. same here..i have tried so many times

  2. hey!! worked!.. thanks! :)

  3. not working for me.....

  4. Awww! love that... Thankew...

  5. I have Karbon A1+ its not working tried all stuff... :-(

    1. me too the same model not working....

  6. Even i hv a karbonn phone & can't take screenshots! Karbonn a90 it is. :-(
    what to do?

  7. Hi working for my s9,third party apps did not worked so Googled it and reached u. Thanks for help

  8. I have karbonn A5 and I want to screen shot some pictures and tried every steps as it is described though its not working

  9. I wanted to screen shot some pictures I like and I trird every steps as it is described tho its not working

  10. I have karbonn A30 it is not working

  11. not working….i have karbonn titanium hexa…pls tell if any alternative

  12. Not working for Karbonn A51

  13. Thank u very much

  14. Not at all working bakwas.

  15. I have karboon a90.and its not work plz tell me how to do

  16. Working in titaniums2+ thankyou

  17. Wonderful.... Working f9

  18. i hav karbonn A6. screen shot doesnt work???

  19. Thank you so much its really worked very important for legal evidence

  20. Thank you so much its worked
    Very important for legal evidence

  21. i have kabon A51 its not warking screen shot

  22. i have karbon A51 its not working screen shot