Wednesday, 29 January 2014

iOS 7.0.5 update for Apple iPhone 5s and 5c


Apple has received various bug reports for iPhone 5s and 5c in China. Most of the reports were dealing with the same matter of network provisioning for smartphone units. Being one of the best smartphone’s companies in world, Apple has decided to fix all such bugs by bringing a software update. Apple has experimented in China by retailing their smartphone through biggest operator. It turned out to be awesome for company and they have recorded their highest sale in Chinese market. Now it becomes their first priority to fix down all such bugs in a market that has delivered such things/records to them. With a commutative effort, Apple has sold out approx 51 million units of iPhone in first quarter of 2014.

As per as the reports are concerned then officials have no sure details about what kind of bug it actually is. They are just releasing a minor update with some software tweaks for solving this problem. So it is more or less like a hit and trial method from the company. But don’t worry if they misses somewhere with this update then they will surely come up with some another performance update that will surely fix down all current bugs in your smartphone. They must have tested this update on some of bugged devices and they are releasing it to professional world only after confirming its plus points (means it will surely fix down all the bugs).

How To

This update is dubbed as iOS 7.0.5 and it measures only 35.4 MB in space (it shows how light and minor it actually is). Just move over to Update section in your smartphone. You will see some system updates available there. Follow the onscreen instructions, download this 35.4 MB firmware file and start enjoying a bug free iPhone 5s or 5c.

This update can be installed on all non-US models of both the phones. If you are using an US variant then you might have to wait for some more days/months for receiving a major update from company (may be next iteration iOS 8). This update is available in all the parts of world provided you are not using an US model of 5s or 5c.

If you are lucky enough then you might automatically receive update notification directly in your notification bar. But in some rare cases you may not receive any such notification (in update menu too). I such cases please contact Apple officials with all the reasons and problems. They will surely address you with best of their knowledge.



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