Monday, 13 January 2014

Download Top 5 free games for Micromax Canvas Turbo A250


Micromax Canvas Turbo A250 is the current flagship of India based electronic giant MMX. This smartphone comes with lot of promises that directly deals with high quality and world class specifications. I have used Canvas Turbo for 2 weeks. In those 2 weeks I used it like anything (just to check its performance) and here is what I have found:

• Its processor handles all the things brilliantly (no lags were there)
• Amazing multitasking (extension to first point)
• Very smooth operations
• Heating problem after continuous long use

All in all it proved to be a decent smartphone that solves the problems of multi-tasking to several folds. However there were some problems of heating (not over heating) which MMX should address by bringing some suitable ROM/software update.

Here in this article I am going to focus about Top 5 games for Micromax Canvas Turbo A250. There might be some high end game for which you will have to root your smartphone. So please check how to root Micromax Canvas Turbo A250 (not needed in all the cases).

Top 5 games for MMX Canvas Turbo A250

I am going to list games from different-different categories.

1. Hay Day

If you love managing things from scratch then Hay Day will suit you the best. It is a very addictive game that will take you to a farm where you have to plant, grow, and cut crops. You will also have to manage new animals (taking care of them), building huts, extending your boundaries and rectifying previous mistakes (like building boat, sailor end etc). So all in all you will be the master of your farm and you will have to take it to new heights. You need to have a working internet connection (on mobile) for playing it.

2. Bike Xtreme

It is a perfect game for all bike racing lovers. This game comes with plethora of levels where difficulty increases as the level progresses. There are lots of add-ons (special powers) to choose from. You can choose new bikes, new costumes and lots of other attractive things. You can play this game in offline mode too.

3. Jungle Fly

Very similar to Temple Run (similar concept) this game will bring you closer to nature. In this game you have to play like a bird that have to dribble various difficulties, obstacles etc. it is designed beautifully with attractive surroundings and nature elements. I have faced one problem while playing this game (which makes it difficult). We as gamers are not allowed to perform one action two times continuously (like we are not allowed to jump upward continuously for the two times). It makes it a difficult game but you will surely love it because of its amazing surrounding and UI.

4. Racing Monkey

A light weighted game (332 KB only) that is enriched with cycle racing interface. It is similar to any flash game where you have to perform basic actions using two-three keys (here two touch slots). It features a monkey on bicycle that starts his journey from source and has to tackle various obstacles (stones, trees, fires) in between.

5. Enemy Strike

It is a perfect game for action gaming lovers. This game reminds the scenes of Counter Strike somewhere. Here you are given with the option to choose various weapons (guns mainly) and you mission is to destroy your enemies (with bunkers or team).

So these are top 5 games for MMX Turbo that will work best for all kind of gamer. If you have these 5 games in your Canvas Turbo then you will not get bored from now.



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