Thursday, 30 January 2014

Update Facebook for BlackBerry 10 to v10.3


Facebook for BlackBerry App has received a new minor software update last night. BlackBerry guys seem to be quiet busy in rolling out new updates on regular basis. They have recently launched one major update for most of the flagships and now they have updated Facebook app on their stream. This new FB App for BB will entertain you with some additional features that you will love for sure. These features will basically focus on providing an easy and quick interface to all the FB related activities.

Dubbed as v10.3 it allows you to tag your friends in a new status or response while typing that. It will be similar to high end devices like laptops, smartphones where you can do it by using @ tag symbol. It also integrates the entire content of your FB Timeline to offline networks. It would be a great feature for all the FB users who don’t love to spend their precious time just by opening FB App all the times for checking some important update. They can now receive all the things directly on the home screen.

This new update is rolled after v10.2.2 which was a minor shift from v10.2. It was brought back during October last year. This update was mainly shifted to bring the option of link visibility on BB smartphones. This time the all the features are refreshed completely with latest UI and settings. Here I have summed up some of the main features that you will experience on your BB devices after this minor FB update:

• Option to tag friends in status update or in status response. As said earlier it is similar to any laptop, computer or high end smartphone/tablet
• You will get notified through New Stories options every time when your friends posts something new
• Fully customized timeline on which you can manage all the things effectively
• Great options even when you goes offline (enhanced caching option)
• UI is updated which is more user friendly and displays all the elements with better vibrant effects
• Lots more

How to update BB FB v10.3

You can update it directly from the BlackBerry world. Just head over to this official store and open the FB App page. Now just tap on the UPDATE potion. Now you will have to wait for some minutes as updates will get some time to get installed and embed with your previous app. This is how you can easily update FB for BB to v10.3.



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