Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Windows 8.1 Blue coming soon to Windows Smartphones


If all goes well then we might see Windows 8.1 Blue coming to smartphone interface very soon. According to a report, Windows Blue might get imported to smartphone’s surface by this April (i.e. April 2014). Windows Blue is currently the latest iteration of software giant and it has received positive response from desktop/laptop users. I am myself using Windows 8.1 Blue for so long now. It is fast and way better than any previous Windows iteration. Bonus will be there if you are using it on touch screen device (as it will prove its real worth on touch screens only). All the Windows smartphones will hold the touch input response which means you will surely love in fall with this new and latest iteration of s/w giant.

You might see some reviews where it will be suggested not to go for this iteration or something like this but friends please believe me if you will once start using this iteration, you will never look back for previous sorts. Yes, you might face some sort of issues in starting 3-4 days but once you get familiar with it, you will be able to use it like anything.

Sources of this leaked report are strong and MS might be in mood of unveiling W-Blue to mobile phones interface. Talking about its features, then it is going to act faster than any previous iteration. It will detect and respond very quickly to all sorts of peripheral (the best thing I love about it). It showcases the Windows 8 similar tiled interface that further increases the speed by organizing various contents according to their requirement. You can fully customize all the tiles according to your preference. It supports all the Microsoft tools which makes it compatible with business class smartphone users. You will never miss any sort of important deal/work with this new Windows version. Developers have added better options to W-Blue than W-8 so please don’t consider it to be a carbon copy of boring Windows 8. It (Blue) is way ahead than any of the previous iteration. So all in all this new update will make your smartphone respond faster and process all sort of data more quickly.

How to install Windows 8.1 Blue on Windows smartphones

I will update this segment as soon as official will release some stable and official way of installing W-8.1 Blue on related smartphones. Please keep checking. They will probably release it somewhere around April 2014.



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