Thursday, 27 February 2014

Panasonic P31 teaser popped out: features and price


Panasonic India is a well-known name to all the Indian geeks. It is a company which is known for high end smartphones/devices that are very rich in technology. In comparison with Micromax (which is the biggest smartphone giant in India) Panasonic stands on somewhat similar platform as they too love to do experiments with their gadgets. It’s been approx 4 months now that Panasonic has launched a new smartphone but now finally after 4 months of testing/researching they are up with the teaser of their upcoming smartphone.

The new smartphone is dubbed as Panasonic P31 and it is supposed to be the extended version of company’s previous flagship T31. All the teasers of P31 reflects that it is going to be a very rich smartphone when it comes to software segment. Also it will reach the new heights of multi-tasking and overall performance with its features. The best thing that I think Panasonic will shock everyone is its price. According to me they will launch it at entry level price (as its specs are saying something similar) which will be the best positive point for this smartphone.

Panasonic P31 Specs

Please note that Panasonic has not unveiled any details officially yet. I am collecting the things on reference to a video teaser that was featured on AndroidOS portal. That video shows that it will spot a good 5 inch screen with 854x480 pixels resolution. Resolution is poor and it shows that it is going to be an entry level smartphone. Not only that, its screen is coated with oleophobic coating that provides a smudge free screen 9suits best for longer usage). So oleophobic screen will be the new thing here that Panasonic will use in its upcoming smartphone. No doubts, it will run on Android Jellybean OS that will let you unleash Play Store to the utmost. It will occupy a 1.3 GHz quad core processor assembly that will be probably paired up with 1 GB RAM cabinet (RAM might be less also, but in that case you will have no choices for better multi-tasking so it should be in the range 1GB or more).

There will be an 8 MP rear and front facing camera (might be VGA or 2 MP). It will come with gesture play features that will introduce you to a new world of gestures and next level customization. It will have some new lock screen patterns (basically concerned about drawing some sort of pattern on the screen) and new POP-I player. This new player supports multi-tasking to full extent.

Price and availability

Panasonic P31 would launch in March with no details about exact timings. Price is not disclosed by any official sources but I believe it will land somewhere at Rs. 10,000-12,000 price tag. If not so then you will have lot of other options to go with.



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