Sunday, 16 February 2014

How to increase RAM in Android smartphones


Probably RAM is one of the most lucrative feature of any smart device. It is the section that allows us to speed up our gadget (to some extent). Technically speaking then RAM is a small portion of entire memory that contains some of very essential programs that we need to use quite often. It is derived from main memory but it is limited to some special programs that are needed very often by both system as well as user. Laptops and PCs come with the option of expanding RAM units externally but sadly no such potion is there inside our smartphones.

What it means? Can’t we expand RAM unites of our smartphones? Well frankly speaking then everything is possible with the term ANDROID. Call it a magic or exception but we can easily expand RAM of our smartphones with help of third party apps. Here I am going to describe a procedure which will help you expanding RAM units of your smartphone.

But before proceeding any further, let me share some common pre-requisites. Here I am going to discuss a paid app ($10 approx) which requires you to have a rooted smartphone. Rooting further is a tricky thing and it directly voids the official warranty. So please think well before trying the following app for expanding your smartphones RAM.

How to increase RAM in Android Smartphone

If you search Play Store about RAM Expanding Apps then you will find n number of apps there. But sadly most of them will not work properly and will not expand your gadget’s RAM by a fraction even. Here I am going to discuss about Roehsoft RAM Expander App (available on Play Store for $10 approx price) which I have used personal. I have achieved satisfactory results from this app which makes it worth its every single penny. So now follow these steps:

1. Root your smartphone and download Roehsoft RAM Expander App directly from the Play Store.
2. Run it like any other normal app.
3. It will ask you to choose your language. You will find English and Deutsch options here. Select your preferred language.
4. Now you will be asked for Root Access permission. Allow it (it will take around 10-15 seconds only).
5. Now you will see a screen with complete information about available space on your SD card that can be used as RAM.
6. Select AutoRun and Hypermode options (located at top) and tap “Swap Active Box” button.

That’s it! You are done with all the steps that will expand RAM of your smartphone. This app promises to expand the RAM unit by 4GB approx. After installing this app you will be able to play heavy games/apps on your smartphone. As this app will use some portion of your external SD card so I will advise you to try it with some high capacity SD card (16 GB minimum) so that your smartphone can be left with the space for heavy games and apps.



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