Sunday, 16 February 2014

Blue Brain concept, features and scope


Brain is indeed the most precious and wonderful gift that God has gifted to everyone. Brain is one of the most crucial part of Human body that needs serious care and handling (however much of us are not aware about this segment). It is the brain with help of which we have developed computers, machines and all sorts of comforts that we are using in our day to day life. Today we are living in a world where everything can be manufactured on artificial level i.e. we are living in virtual kind of world. Same is the case with brain. Today with the rapid advancements in medical sector, we are even able to manufacture virtual brains. Such virtual brain is called as Blue Brain.

Meaning and History behind Blue Brain

Blue brain is an artificial brain which is capable of performing all sorts of brain functions (similar to real brain). It is capable of taking and manipulating decision which is similar any other normal human brain. At present this program (of developing Blue Brain) is handled by IBM with some well-known scientists. In order to develop a blue brain we need a super computer paired up with huge amount of memory capacity.

Need of virtual Brain/Blue Brain

It is an obvious question that might be coming in your mind. So let me answer it. Fortunately or unfortunately human life mortal and we all have to quite one day. However feelings and mind views are there forever. With the help of Virtual brain we can have another Einstein, another Michael Jackson and so on (in terms of thinking only). This is all possible with help of technology called Blue Brain. So with the help of blue brain, we will be able to proceed further with an imaginary ideal speed.

Some Technical Things

Blue Brain is a futuristic technology. For doing it we will first have to upload human brain to the targeted super computer. We can do it easily with help of small robots called nano robots. These robots can travel through inner parts of our body (circular system) without damaging them. They can monitor and analyse human’s central nervous system and with this detail we can easily create and function a blue brain (from a super computer).

Advantages of Blue Brain

Blue Brain can make us excel in each and every field of human kind. Be it engineering, medical or artistic, we can easily get guidance (proper one) with master blue brains of respective fields (and the best thing is their forever nature means blue brains will be there forever and future generation can also get benefited from them). Blue brains will be able to treat mental disorders related to human brains also. With this technology we can use someone’s brain even after his/her death.

So Blue Brain is a futuristic technology which will let us proceed with real pace and quality. Please share your views about this upcoming technology.



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