Monday, 17 February 2014

Download and install Flappy Bird APK on Android smartphones


If you are a true Android gamer then you must have heard Flappy Bird name in near while. Flappy Bird is an addictive game that features a normal bird (moulded with very normal graphics) who have to cross various junctions to reach to the destination. I hope you have already downloaded this game as official developer has removed it from both Apple Store as well as Play Store which means you will not find it anywhere on any store. Please don’t ask why he had removed this game which was earning $50K/day (it is a sad and unique story). Developer has used green poles as obstacles here. These green poles somewhere reminds us the old Mario game in which we have to jump across them. Here in FB, you have to move through them (without touching them). You will be rewarded 1 point every time you cross 1 pole pair.

What it means, can’t you enjoy Flappy Bird on your Android smartphone now? Well frankly speaking then nothing is impossible with Android world (almost nothing) and you can still download flappy bird on your Android smartphone/tablet. Here I am going to discuss a procedure about how to download and install Flappy Bird APK on any of the Android smartphone. With this APK you can very easily enjoy your favourite FB game on your smartphone. I can’t say about Apple device as they have their own terms and conditions but I can ensure the working of this APK file on most of the Android smartphones (I have personally tried it on 3 smartphones).

Download Flappy Bird APK

Now I am going to mention a detailed procedure on how to download and install this APK on your phone. So follow these steps:
1. Download the APK to your smartphone from here.
2. Now download some file explorer to the same smartphone.
3. Open the APK using that File Explorer app.
4. Follow all the onscreen instructions and be ready to play and enjoy Flappy Bird game.

This is how you can still download Flappy Bird to your Android smartphone. As stated above I can’t assure you about working of this APK for Apple smartphones but it will surely work on your Android smartphones. The best thing I love about FB game is its size. It is a light weighted app (not even few MBs) that can run on most of the smartphones. You don’t need heavy RAMs, high class processors for this awesome game. Game controls are simple (single Tap only) and you will surely fall in love with this game.



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