Thursday, 27 February 2014

Google Now Launcher for Nexus and Google Play Edition devices (for KitKat also)


Google is doing lot of new things these days. There are some reports that says that Google is now going to close 7 inch manufacturing and now they will focus toward developing 8 inch devices with Asus. There were some reports about launching Android 5.0 too. Frankly speaking then I don’t know whether such reports will just remain rumours or they will come to floor on real basis. But here comes one sure news or you can say update from Google.

Google has launched a new app called Google Now Launcher for its exclusive Nexus devices. This app is listed on Play Store and is paired up with Chrome Beta Store and SoundSearch systems. This app is launched on exclusive basis and it is limited to Nexus devices only. This app can also be integrated with Google Play Edition devices or the devices which are using some custom level KitKat ROMs as their platform. CM11 version ROM will suit best for this new app when it comes to custom ROMs.


Well talking about the features then it is almost similar to Google Now App (which is there in most of the Android smartphones). It carries similar UI and functions like usual App. Yes, there are some modifications with its launching section. You can launch this app with just a right swipe on the screen (means you have to perform a right swipe on your home screen and you will find it working thereafter). It is a quick method when compared with the older one in which you have to switch it on manually. You can start voice search by pronouncing “Ok Google” near to your phone’s mic.

Except this, we have observed no different/exciting features inside this new Google Now launcher for Nexus and custom devices. One thing that is somewhat approaching customers toward this new app is its hardware limitation. It is limited to exclusive devices only which somewhere is hinting towards something big in coming future. Google might come up with some new platform (might be Android 4.5 Jellybean) very soon.

How To

If you owns a Nexus or above mentioned device then please move over to Play Store and search for Google Now Launcher app. You will get it there, simply download and install it like any other normal app. Try launching it with right swipe and also please test Ok Google feature. If possible then please come back to us and share your exeperince.



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