Tuesday, 25 February 2014

[HOW TO] Official Android 4.4.2 KitKat update for AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy S4


It must be a great moment for all Samsung lovers out there. First of all congrats for new flagship Samsung Galaxy S5 which is a superb high quality world class smartphone with real smart features. Now let me introduce another good news with you all. This news is for Galaxy S4 users (AT&T’s network). You all will get official Android 4.4 KitKat update for your Galaxy S4 smartphone. This exclusive update is for AT&T’s variant of Galaxy S4 only. Here I am going to cover every nook and peak of this official update which will completely enhance your user interface to a new level.

Features of KitKat for Galaxy S4

This official KitKat update will let you rejoice with all the latest and official features of KitKat surface. These include:

• White status bar (color is changed from green to white)
• Interface is updated which is more smooth now
• Wireless printing option is added to the phone
• New emoji icons for making conversations more beautiful
• Landscape view for keyboard
• Now you can set your default messaging and other launcher apps (great relief as users have to select it again and again)
• Camera shortcut
• Drag and drop feature for uninstalling any app
• Dull screen album art
• New lock screens
• Lots more

So these are some of the standard features that you will get along with this official update. There will be some other features (minor ones) which will try to magnify the entire segments of Galaxy S4 smartphone.

How To

It will be an Over the Air update (OTA) in which you will have to download a 412MB – 842MB sized ROM file on your smartphone. It is a big file so please try this update in presence of very strong high speed internet connection. I will suggest you to try it out in presence of Wi-Fi network.

This update will be rolled out in steps (like any other usual OTA update) so please don’t get disturbed if you are not seeing it in your notification menu. You will surely receive it in coming weeks. AT&T’s has started rolling out it from 24 February 2014 so at an average it will cover the entire area in coming 20-30 days.

In normal cases you will receive one automatic notification to your phone (about this KitKat update) but if you are not seeing any such option then please head over to Settings>>About Phone>>Phone Updates menu. There you will get all the latest updates from official side.



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