Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Micromax Canvas Knight A350 VS Samsung Galaxy S5 comparison


Samsung Galaxy S5 has been launched with a bang. There are no details about when it will be ported to India but talking about Indian market then there are some high quality smartphones that can give tough times to Galaxy S5. From always, Indian market has kept that tag of “price oriented market” and here price matters a lot. It is the one thing that forces world class giants like Samsung, Sony, HTC to pay less attention towards Indian customers. Few days back, Micromax has announced Micromax Canvas Knight A350 smartphone which is an octa core smartphone. Now here I am going to both the newly launched smartphones from Samsung and Micromax i.e. I am going to compare Samsung Galaxy S5 with Micromax A350 Canvas Knight.

Micromax A350 Canvas Knight VS Samsung Galaxy S5

Please check this tabular image for finding specs to specs competition between both the phones. The main thing to note is price difference between both the phones (however it is not confirmed officially but we have some details about it which we will share later in this article).

Screen wise both the phones seems to be giving tough time to each other. Screen size, resolution and pixel packing is almost similar in both the phones. The only difference is there with the type of glass that both are using. Both IPS LCD and Super AMOLED are nice at respective end but still if we have to compare the color vibrancy and quality then Super AMOLED seems to be on a leading edge. As seen from the image, Galaxy S5 equips a better Android 4.4.2 KitKat OS which is the latest iteration of Android that we have in market now. On the other side, Canvas Knight spots Android 4.2 Jellybean which is not the latest iteration (however quality wise it is brilliant).

On paper you might think that Canvas Knight equips a processor that is almost two times powerful than what Galaxy S5 is having. This is the key point where MMX is playing for years now. They are just focusing on increasing the number of cores but sadly they are giving almost zero attention towards equipping better chipsets in their smartphones. Same is the case with Canvas Knight, you might be seeing octa core chips there but it is almost similar (performance wise) to a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 chipped processor that s clocked at 2.5 GHz clocking. So no one wins here at processor segment.

Camera wise, MMX seems to be on the leading edge with better 5 MP front camera lens but again when it comes to quality then Samsung might win this segment with dedicated sensors for rear camera unit. Connectivity, memory and battery specs are listed in image and you clearly see Galaxy S5 dominating Canvas Knight everywhere.

Galaxy S5 comes with some very high end features like fingerprint sensor, IP67 water and dust proof ratings, apps for medical issues etc So Canvas Knight stands nowhere close to Galaxy S5. But now let me introduce you to a game changing point. It is the price point at which both the smartphones will retail. According to me Galaxy S5 price will be double or more than double than Canvas Knight. So when it comes for value to money then both the phones are equally good and you can go for any of them by considering your budget.



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