Friday, 28 February 2014

Official Android 4.4.2 KitKat update for Asus Padfone devices


Asus is going to bring Android KitKat for most of its Padfone devices. The Padfone devices that are going to receive official KitKat update includes smart gadgets like Padfone 2, Padfone Infinity, Padfone A80. P2 and PI will receive KK update in Asia and Russia while P A80 will be limited to Europe only. Company might release updates to other regions too but it will take months to reach out to each and every global region.

Not only this, company has already promised to bring official KitKat update for Zenfone and Padfone Mini during CES 2014 which happened last month. So in all Asus is going to bring Android 4.4 KitKat for 5 smartphones/phablets/tablets this year. All the devices are already capped with high level features that are none to second but updated platform like KitKat will give all the users a chance to get rejoiced with latest software features that geeks of this industry are using.


With this update, you are going to get the taste of all standard features of Android Jellybean. It will include new UI, white color status bar, easy and quick notifications, improvements in battery segment and lot. As promised in CES earlier, this update will boast new layouts which are clean (in appearance) than usual. There will be more themes, ringtones, icons stuffed inside this software update. There will be new lock screens, notification drawer. In a nutshell this update will carry lot of improvements when it comes to interface segment.

Asus will launch ZenUI with this update. It is an exclusive product that carries two unique features What’s Next and Do it Later. I am sure all business persons are going to like both the features like anything. What’s Next will let you be updated with your scheduled work. You can add all your work (which you have to finish on daily, hourly basis). After this it will keep you awakened with what you have completed and what you need to complete.

Do it Later feature will also help you with your business schedules. It will list important tasks in form of a reminder that you have to complete in a particular span. It will create shortcuts to home page which will help you a lot.

How to

Asus has unveiled no words about when they will be releasing this update officially but they have hinted that it might reach to above regions (mentioned in para 1) at the end of Q2 2014 or early Q3 2014. It means we will have to wait for 5-6 more months for having it live on all Asus Padfone devices.


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