Friday, 21 February 2014

How to hide Last Seen status from WhatsApp


Facebook recently bought WhatsApp for an awesome cost and now it’s time for some major changes in the WA interface, as the first big change, now you can hide your Last Seen Activity on WhatsApp officially. Not only this, now you can also manage who can see your profile photo and status (of WhatsApp account) easily. All this can be done within seconds. WA users were demanding from years for such features and now here Facebook has finally implemented all the awaited features to WhatsApp interface. WhatsApp is a useful messaging interface that is serving millions of users on daily basis. It allows users to send normal texts, multimedia messages through internet protocol. It is a cheap alternate to normal and paid messaging services.

If you are a regular user of WA then you might be aware about the issues that one faces with Last Seen activity. This feature somewhere restricts all of us in various manners. There are some third party apps which also claim to hide Last Seen activity from WA account but now we no more need any such type of third part app. We can easily customize our account within Settings Menu. Here I am going to share a detailed guide about how to customize and hide last seen activity in your WA.

Hide Last Seen potion in WhatsApp

Just visit the Settings>>Privacy menu. There you will get the potions for hiding Last Seen Time, Profile Photo and Status. The customization options are pretty similar like what we have there in Facebook. You can choose between your contacts, everyone and nobody. Sadly there is no update for controlling who can see you on WA mean you will be available for all the users who have your number in their WA installed smartphone. For now there is no way to hide that.

WhatsApp is currently testing v2.11.169 version which is still in Beta mode and can be downloaded from the official portal. They are expected to bring it soon to Play Store base where more users can interact with it. All the options (for customization) are already there for iPhone users. So this is how you can hide your last seen activity from WhatsApp account. We can expect some new things to roll out in upcoming v2.11.169 update. We will intimate you about new versoin once it will go live on the Play Store. If you are connected to Wi-Fi or 3G network then you will automatically receive update notification.



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