Friday, 28 February 2014

Top 5 puzzles games for android smartphones in 2014-15


Nowadays everyone wants to buy android smartphone because lot of apps and other games are being provided. Most of the android smartphone comes with play store where you can download almost every application regarding the games, software, wallpaper and other apps. The best top 5 puzzle games for the android smartphones for the 2014-15 are given below you can download from the paly store and install in your smartphone and enjoy these puzzles games which will definitely sharp your mind.

Cut the Rope Full Free

This is one of the best puzzling games for the android smartphones and is a best challenging puzzle games. In this game you have to cut the rope to feed the monster which is present in the one of the mysteries boxes. This game becomes very popular across the worldwide and almost millions of download has been already done. This game has almost 370 plus level which you have to clear to feed the candy to the monster that only eat candy. The main advantage is that neat interface, user friendly design and super characters.


It is another best challenging puzzle games which has good graphics and neat interface. In this puzzle you have to build a bridge on the valley on which you have to cross the train and complete its different levels on the different region. You can download this game from the play store.

Ultimate Block Puzzle

It is one of the inspired puzzle games from tangram with millions of download have been done. In this games there are almost 4000 level are present in which you have to design a bigger block by placing different shape in different color blocks in the correct places with one condition that you can’t rotate the block. There are different solutions for completing the levels and also you cannot cut the block to place in the correct place.

Unblock Me Free

This is one of the addictive puzzle games which is not more difficult but is very interesting puzzle games which is present in the almost every android smartphones. In his game you have to free the red block from the given set of blocks by placing or sliding the other blocks if you free the red block you will get the star, you can complete every puzzle in different level and there are about 5000 puzzles are present in this games. This game can be completed in two modes either Relax mode or Challenge Mode. In this game you can also get hint to clear the level.

Traffic Jam Free

It is one of the difficult challenging puzzle games which was developed by the Game Joy Inc. in the last year and different version were available of this game, you can download any of one. The main objective of this game is that you have to take out the yellow car from the traffic jam which is very challenging task and almost 5000 levels are present in this games which you clear to win the games.



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