Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Top Farming Games for Android Smartphones


Farming Games are creating good buzz these days. Frankly speaking then Farming is a new concept for young audience and they have heard about it in usual chats only (I am talking about most of the young audience). Personally I have installed two framing games in my Android phone. Here in this article I am going to discuss some of the best farming games that will keep you busy most of the time. One thing I love/hate about farming games is their addict-ness. For me, Farming games means an addiction and I love this addiction a lot. I can play farming games for hours. Farming games give all of us a chance to get familiar with day to day activities of a farmer which can later turn into fully operational business men.

These games also teach us practical things about farming and business. In the due course of this article I will share 3 farming games for Android smartphones that are completely different from each other. Also they will be available through different medias. In nutshell it is a unique list and will cover every single part of a decent farming game.

Top 3 Farming Games for Android

1. Hay Day

Hay Day is indeed the best farming game that I have played so far. It features world class graphics with realistic environment (especially those sounds). There are lots of levels to explore new hidden things. You can easily expand your business through new production buildings, animals, trees, ship orders, trucks orders and lot more. You need internet connectivity for playing Hay Day on your smartphone. Internet is required for connecting with other farmers. Go download it and start experiencing a real farming life.

2. Go Farming

It is like Hay Day and features unique user interface. Like HD, you have to grow your business here too.

Top Farm

It is one of the best farming games for offline mode users. It don’t requires you to have an active internet connection plus it equips some unseen elements that are not there inside any of the above 2 games. Here you will find new production buildings, crops, trees etc You will also be responsible for maintaining a suitable power and water level for your farm. It is a nice game however its graphics are somewhat poorer than Hay Day. Best thing about Top Farm is its 3D environment (not completely but you can experience the 3D effect to some extent).

So these are top 3 farming games that you can enjoy on your smartphone.

TIP: If you have 24 hours working internet connection on your smartphone then nothing will be better than Hay Day otherwise go and try Top Farm (for offline users).


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