Wednesday, 26 March 2014

[Airdroid 2]: Smart way to transfer large files from smartphone to PC


Most of the android smartphones comes with different connectivity features through which you can transfer your smartphone data with PC or PC data to the smartphone. you can either transfer your data from the android smartphone to the PC with the help of mini USB port mean using data cable, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC port, Infrared port any many more methods are present for the sharing purposes you can also install the apps for the file transfer. But when you have to transfer the large file from the smartphone to PC or from the PC to smartphone, then it takes a long time and even some times device may be hanged while transferring the large data. So here we are discussing one of the best smart apps for the file transfer between the android smartphone and PC. You can install this app and enjoy the fast data transfer between the PC and smartphone or from the smartphone to smartphone.


It is one of most popular app for the android smartphone through which you can transfer files between the smartphone to pc and from phone to phone. In this you don’t need any USB cable for the sharing purposes; simply you have turn On the Wireless connection of the device. If your smartphone, PC or other device doesn’t support wireless network then you can use this app. Then you have to use your smartphone as modem and your PC as internet connection device and create AIRDROID account and through which you can transfer files without having wireless networks.

You can transfer different files of the image, audio, video and other data files between the PC to smartphone, PC to smartphone and smartphone to smartphone. The transfer is very fast as compared to the normal transfer though the USB and also comes with lot more features.

How to use AirDroid

First of all download and install this app in your device.

Now turn ON the wireless network of both the devices and open the app in your android device and follow the instructions.

If yours PC or laptop does not support wireless network then you can use internet connection in the PC and data connection in the smartphone, create account in the AirDroid and remaining steps are almost same.

Now you can transfer files, video and other data very easily. You can also install apps in the android smartphone without touching it from the PC.


According to me it is one of the best android apps which you must have to install in your device for accessing the features of this app. You can easily download and install this app from the android play store.



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