Thursday, 20 March 2014

App Lock and folder hide apps for android smartphones


In the Nokia and Samsung low budget handsets you have must have seen the option in the setting menu with folder and application lock features, through you can hide your secret images, message, phonebooks and videos etc. and also the application can also be protected with password means no one can access the application which you have locked without the password. But when you buy the android smartphones then you have seen in the setting there is no such option. But it doesn’t means that folder and application will not be hide or locked in the android smartphone. To hide the folder or to protect the applications you have to download and installed the applications from the play store and you can hide your secret files and protected your favorite apps with password or other lock options. Here we are discussing some of the apps lock and folder hiding application for the android smartphone.

Apps Locker and Gallery Hider

It is one of the best application in which you can simultaneously lock the entire application of the device and also hide the gallery. The main advantages with app is that, when you don’t want to use this app then simply you can deactivate instead of uninstalling and when you again need then activate it.

Through this app you can locked the different apps and hide the gallery contents. It is very simple to use, in case you want to lock the apps then click on the ‘Apps Locker’ button in the main menu and select either ‘System Apps’ or ‘Downloaded Apps’. You can lock all the application or also locked the selected application. To hide the gallery contents then you have to select the ‘Gallery Hider’ option from the main menu and you can select the contents of the gallery which you want to hide.

In this app different password protection features are available like ‘PIN’, Pattern Based and Voice Access password system. You can also hide the PIN as well as Pattern while you are entering and also come with password manager and sleep timer features.

Gallery Lock

This app will only lock and hide your personnel the images and videos from your friends and family. The main advantages with is that once you have hide the image or video through this apps then no one can open it with password. The image or video which you want to hide, simply you have move to the Gallery Lock and store in the folder. If you want to hide the image or video then click on the folder in which yu want to store this contents in the Gallery Lock and click on the button ‘Add Photo or Video’ shown on the below of the screen and select the folder.

In this different password protection ways are present with forgot password and recover password option are also available. You can also wallpaper to access the confirmation of the password.


So these are the simple apps which you can download from the play store with free of cost and installed in your device to access the features of these apps. You can also search more apps for the app lock and gallery hide.



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