Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Basic guidelines for buying Windows/Mac laptop


In the present world technology is enhancing very fast, without technology one can’t think about living. So in this world if you are thinking to buying any laptops for the general purpose or for the business purpose but you doesn’t have any idea that which specifications must be checked before buying any laptop. Basically you have to check the operating system, processor, memory and other specifications.

The choice of laptop depends upon you whether you are using this laptop for the general purpose, for the business purpose, for creating website, for gaming purpose and for other purposes. If you want to buy laptop for the general purpose in the home than you can purchase any laptops under RS 30,000, if you want to purchase laptops for the gaming purpose than you have to check the RAM and the graphics card. So if you want to buy laptop for the net surfing and the web creativity purposes than you have to check processor and the OS.

Operating System

You can buy either Windows or Mac based operating system, Mac OS is mostly used by the Apple laptops while Windows is used by other brand. Windows operating system is launched by Microsoft Corp and the latest version of the windows launched by the Microsoft Corp is Windows 8 Blue. So it is depend upon you which operating system you want to use. Both the operating systems are good the difference is only in the graphics and interface.

Size of laptops

Size of laptops also matter if you have to continuous travel than small size laptop is best suitable for you but if you want to enjoy the video and other file in a large size than you can purchase the large size laptops. When you buy the large screen laptop than your system must come with advance microprocessor along with dual core or quad core chipset. Screen size of the laptop comes in different range like 11 inches, 13 inches, 14 inches, 15 inches and 15.6 inches etc.

Other specifications

The other specifications which you have to checked before buying the laptop. Check the RAM of the laptops for the laptop minimum RAM must be 4GB and above with hard disk of 500 GB and above for the storage purpose. If you want to enjoy the gaming in the laptop than you have to check the graphics card which must come with 2GB and above if your graphics card is below 1GB than some of the high graphics cannot support by your system. And last you have to check the battery pack up and ensure that it will not radiate more heat.

Apart from you can check the connectivity features like Bluetooth, WLAN, USB port for the file transfer or receiving. So these are some of the specification which you must check before buying any laptop. You can buy any brand like SONY, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Apple, Samsung, Acer etc.



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