Saturday, 15 March 2014

Basic tips to protect display of touch screen smartphones


Nowadays most of the smartphones and tablets are fully touch in nature with large screen display. But to its multi touch nature you have shown extreme care while using these devices. In the specification you have read or heard that smartphones and tablets are protected with corning gorilla glass which is fully scratch resistant but it is not fully scratch proof. So you must have to use screen card or flip covers to protect the display. In case you does not protect the display then after sometimes you will see the sensitive of the touch will decrease and you have to press hardly then normally you press. You must have not press the screen with fingernails and always apply low pressure and weight on the screen. Here we are discussing some of the ways through which you can protect your screen’s display.

Use Screen Card/ Protectors

When you have bought the large screen touch phone then it is good to use screen card or protectors to use on the screen from preventing the dust, grease and from other substances. These protectors also preventing your screen display from the scratch and other damages to the display. So when you are purchasing the screen card for the screen the always choose best protectors and you can also buy the case for the device so that when it will fall from the height, the damage will done to the case cover and to the phone.

Avoid direct sunlight

Always keep the touch screen phones in the cool and dry places. Don’t exposures touch screen in the direct sun light, because excessive sun light can damage the quality of LCD and also excessive heating can damage the panel.

Avoid excessive touching and pressure

When you are holding the touch screen device always hold from the side of the screen because when you are holding it from the screen then fingerprints and sweat will reduce the visibility of the screen. Also when you are touching with the display then apply low pressure to the screen as low as you can and most important things that don’t put mobile in your back pocket always put it in your shirt’s pocket.

Use Glass cleaner

Don’t use rough cloth, strong detergent and chemical solution for the cleaning of the screen. Always use the glass cleaner solution to the screen. Remember that don’t put the cleaner directly on the screen firstly spray on the dry cloth and clean with the cloth. Don’t touch the screen with wet or oily hands because it will make the screen scratch full.

Repair wet screen

When your display is wet then remove the battery, SIM and SD card from the slot and wipe it with Dry clothes. Never use hair drier, instead of it you can use compressed air for socking or removing moisture. You can also put the phone in the rice for a night and put all the accessories into it and check it. So these are the some of the guidelines to protect the display of the touch smartphones.

These are some basic tips that you can use to save smartphone screen from getting shattered. Using mobile back covers is also a good and proven way of keeping mobile screen safe from accidental damages.



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