Monday, 31 March 2014

BBM for Windows: download and features


BlackBerry might be coming with BBM for Windows platform. There was a time when BBM was the exclusive property of BlackBerry only but with time BlackBerry has seen various ups and downs (mainly downs) and today we all know their condition/situation. Last year they have ported BBM for Android and iOS platform. It was a big hit and company officially announced a report about it. They recorded millions of downloads (10 million according to official figures) within just 24 hours of launching the application. The number further increased to 20 million within a week of porting it to two different platforms. It increased the entire BBM population to 80 million (85 million now).

So once they will announce it for Windows platform we can expect it to hit somewhere near the 100 million magic mark (in coming months). If it will be the case then BBM will become one of the best and highest downloaded app on global basis. BBM is a messaging platform that is similar to popular services like WhatsApp, WeChat, Line etc. However it comes with a unique class that is somewhat different than all other platforms.

John Chen (BlackBerry CEO) told that they are planning to avail BBM to Windows users and their plan will get rolled somewhere during Q2 of 2014. Talking about the exact months then it might get launched somewhere during April to June 2014.

BBM for Windows features

This app will be equipped with all the official features that will let you experience a whole new world of socialization. It will come up with BBM Chat, Once Click Sharing, Emoticons, BBM Channels, Groups, BBM Voice, Personalization and several other features.

When it comes to Windows then Nokia is the first name that strikes everyone’s mind. Nokia has already given pre-installed BBM in their Nokia X series smartphone. Nokia X series features Android smartphones but we can expect them to come up with pre-installed BBM on all their Windows phone once it will be official (means when BBM will be officially launched for Windows).

Please be in touch as I will keep sharing latest buzz about this wonderful app in near future. If you are a Windows smartphone user then you can directly download and install BBM from official store (once it will go live). Like Android and iOS we can expect BlackBerry to avail it as a free app on Windows platform too. It will help both company officials as well as users to avail maximum advantages of it.



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