Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Beats Audio Sound System features and how to install


Sony is one of the brands in the smartphone, whose handset are very popular for the sound quality. So most of the music lovers buy different handset of the Sony and if you use earphone of best quality then you feel like listening DJ in ear. Instead of it, in the world of technology as it growing day by day, Beat Audio Sound System has been developed through which you can enjoy the music in high quality which you have never heard. HTC is the first company who has used Beat Audio sound system chip in its few handsets. It doesn’t mean that you cannot use this sound system in your smartphone. But before installing you have to know the basic things about your smartphone.

Beats Audio Sound System: Features

Initially this sound system is built up by the HTC in their handsets, but you can also use this handset in smartphone and enjoy music in its high level with different system. This sound system will be compatible with all the smartphone which can be rooted; those smartphone which can’t be rooted can’t access it. So firstly you have to know whether your device can be rooted or not.

If your device is root able then you can download the apps and install it in your smartphone instead of using Beat Audio sound system, chipset inside the smartphone. There is no need of special beats headphone or earphone to listen the beat music in your handset, simply you can enjoy music with your simple headphone. This app is mostly compatible with all the music players.

You can listen your favorite music in the different sound system through it with high quality. You can change the setting and play the music either in bass, pop or other modes which you want to play.

How to install

Before installing this app first of all check whether your device is root able or not, if your device can be rooted then root your device.

Now download the application from the official website of the Beats Audio sound system, you can download this app from the Google play store.

You can open install this app using the ES File Manager which is recommended for it.

Now open the app and follow the basic instructions.

After you have completed the installation the process, then reboot your device to enjoy the features of it.

Now plug your basic headphone and enjoy the music.


In the end we can say that you simple have to need beats audio installer to install the driver and make sure your smartphone can be rooted. You can also check other information regarding from the XDA Developers official website.



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