Friday, 28 March 2014

Best tips to repair your PC/Laptop yourself


Most of the times, you have seen some basic problems when you are using PC or Laptops in your daily life. Some of these problems may be arise due to the hardware components or sometimes these problems may be arises due the software or application which you have installed in your system. Here in this article we are discussing some of the basic tips through which you can increase the performance of your PC and also using these tips you can keep your hardware safe.

Update programs/driver/software

In your PC you have installed lots of application, programs and software in your PC on which you work daily. After the longtime of use you have to update these programs and software regularly after the certain time interval of times. Because when the software or program is out of dated then it will slow down the system and reduce the performance and also security problem may be arise. So it is mandatory to keep the updated the software, programs and drivers after regular interval of times to increase the performance.

Uninstall software/application

Even if you have PC with best processor and RAM, but when you have installed software and application in your system then after long time it will starts causing degrading the performance of the system. So you can solve this problem by uninstalling the unnecessary software or programs and when you want it then you can install it and access it.

Keep PC cool

One of the main problems that you have seen in your Laptop that it become very hot after few times. Most of the Dell, Samsung, HP and other laptop faces this problem because the cooling systems used in these are of not good quality. You can solve this problem either by using the Apple laptop or keep your PC’s fan or cooling system open.

Scan your system

Whenever you download the files from the internet or when you browse from the internet the most of the files will be automatically added to the hard disk and which will even corrupt your hard disk. So you must have installed an antivirus program in your system and keep it updates regularly and scan your whole system once in a week. You can download or buy antivirus program from the online store and install in your system.

Reboot your PC

Most of the times you have seen common problem whenever you attached some external peripheral devices such as printer, scanner etc. and PC will display error. Then you can either reboot or restart your system again and plugin again peripheral devices to the system.

Defragment your Hard Disk

Whenever you deleted files or data from the then some hidden files may not be deleted from the system which will acquire the hard disk space and slow down the system performance. You can delete such data by using special command in the command prompt. Simple open the command prompt and enter %temp% command and select the folder and delete it.

Clean the parts

As you know that computers are built up with electronics components and the dust and moisture is the main enemy of the electronic equipment so always keep your PC and other parts of the system clean.



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