Friday, 14 March 2014

Google Play Store 4.6.16 with new password protection and other changes


Google Play Store has been updated to new iteration Google Play Store 4.6.16. This new iteration is flooded with lots of new feature and customizations. Google has started rolling this update officially (on global basis) and you will soon receive it directly on to your smartphone/tablet. Developers have mainly focused on improving the security segment of Play Store. This new version enables the potion of password protection for all new purchases. It is indeed a required feature as we have seen various cases with purchasing section of Play Store.

Features of Google Play Store 4.6.16

As I hinted earlier, this new Play Store iteration brings major improvements in security section. It is not like there is nothing for other segments but they have mainly focused on making the entire transaction process smoother and risk free. Here I am listing all the new features of this new Play Store version:

• Password potion for purchasing applications (it will make you safe from all third parties who can otherwise purchase something form Play Store. With this password protection, no third party will be able to make any sort of transactions from your Play Store account).
• Style is improved although there are very minor changes.
• Exact Google+ counts are enables (in cases of large figures only) • Force Update potion for apps. This ensures to keep your app updated with latest iteration whenever it is released. But please enable it if you have 4 hours active internet connection on your smartphone.
• Batch Install feature is introduced in My Apps section. It is introduced for making downloading segment better.
• Settings and Help options are now shifted to Slideout navigation.
• In app permissions are shifted to new location.
• Auto add widget is now renamed to Auto add icon.
• Lots more

These are some of the features of latest iteration of Play Store. Talking about recent past then we have seen Google updating the Play Store App a lot of times. Every time we have seen them coming up with major changes. This time it is the turn of Security.

Download Google Play Store 4.6.16

As said earlier that Google has started rolling this update on official bases. So you should receive this update automatically (in notification menu). After that you will have to follow some onscreen instructions. But in rare cases you might have to update it from Settings menu. Please head further to Settings>>Apps menu for more information.



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