Sunday, 30 March 2014

Download VLC Beta media player for Windows 8.1 OS


VLC is one of the popular media players for the smartphones as well as for the PC/Laptops. There are so many version of this media players has already been launched and recently they have launched it’s one of the advance version known as VLC Beta. In the month of March this year they have also launched this version for the Windows 8 and 8.1 blues. So the windows 8 users can also download and install this media player in their PC and enjoy movies and songs in it.

VLC Beta Media Player

VLC, which almost every person have heard this word, and is one of the popular and widely used media players in both smartphones and PC/Laptops and compatibles with almost every operating system. This media player is developed by the VideoLAN and they launched so many different versions of it. In the last year they have launched the VLC Beta. In this media player you can enjoy both video and audio. It supports almost all the formats files of the audio and videos. This media player is compatible with different operating system and is also compatible with both 32 and 64 bits window size.

Recently the VideoLAN, who is the developer of this media layer have launched the VLC Beta for the Windows 8 users with some advance features. So the windows 8 users can also watch movies in the VLS Beta and also they can listen audio files in it.


The developer of media player has said that the new version is also similar to the previous one but in some features it is totally different from its predecessor. The most of the features and the audio systems are very much similar to the previous one. In this you can also plays MKV, FLAC and MPC files. It also supports multiple audio tracks selection and support embedded subtitles. You can also enjoy the music in the audio playback. You can easily navigate songs and other files and also user friendly interface. In this you can also listen live audio files when you are connected to internet and also supports Live Tiles option.


As this media player is in the initial stage so many users faces lots of problem with it. The main problem with is that it is very slower as compared to its previous version. Subtitles features is also not working properly and the audio does not seems to be work in all configurations. The playlists and streams are not present in the user interface.

So these are main problem which it faces in the initial stages but company is still working on it to makes fast and more users friendly.



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