Friday, 28 March 2014

Download 'Zombie Smasher' for Windows based smartphones


Most of the times you have seen zombies in the theatre or in the horror movies, but if you are using Windows based smartphone then you can kill the zombies in your smartphone. Yes, you have heard right, you can kill zombies in your handset because recently the ‘Zombie Smasher’ has been official released for the windows based smartphone, you can download from the store and enjoy the games with zombies. While for the android and iOS based smartphone users, this game app has been already available on the play store and if you also want to enjoy this game then download from the play store and install in your device and enjoy the game.

Zombie Smasher

Initially when this game was launched for the android and iOS users, then at that time most of the peoples who uses android or iOS smartphone have download this games. The new games which is official available for the windows smartphone comes with some extra features as compared to its previous version available on the android smartphones.

It comes with high quality of graphics, user friendly interface and with extra zombies. So get ready to keep your area safe and secure from the zombies, before they knock to your door kill the zombies. In this game, so many different levels are presents and by killing the zombies you have to complete these levels to win the games.


As we compared to previous one then it comes with somewhat extra features such as you can use extra power up and other weapons to kill the zombies which are not presents in its predecessor. In this games so many new villages, city and town have been created which you have to keep safe from the zombies. You can easily kill the zombies by simply placing your finger on the zombie or simply touch the zombie. However, the peoples or neighborhood that will get rid by the zombies can’t be touched by the player and uses your special power up ad kill the zombies. You have to use your extra brain because in the game so many power up are available and which one you want use to kill these zombies.

In the games 60 different levels are already present and some extra plans will be available very soon. In the game there are two basic mode known as ‘Survival Mode’ and ‘Time Mode’, you can choose any of the mode. In the game 7 terrifying enemy zombie breeds with great visual and audio quality. It also comes with zombie blasting action.


Presently this game is available for the windows user in the official store. So if you are a windows user and want to kill the zombie in real life then you have to install this game in your handset and enjoy the graphic and audio effects of the game.



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