Friday, 28 March 2014

Facebook Messenger v4.0 with Group Chats and more fetaures


Facebook is making lot of changes to its Messenger system. Facebook is in buzz from the time they have bought WhatsApp. Few days ago they have launched free calling over 2G and 3G networks for FB Messenger. We have reviewed this service and we were fully satisfied with it. Infect I am using FB Messenger Calling system for making most of the calls now. If you uses a high speed internet connection then it can do magic for you.

Now FB has updated the Messenger to v4.0 for both Android and iPhone platforms. This update somewhere merges the differences between WhatsApp and FB Messenger means they have imported some top features of WA to Messenger port. It includes group chats, renaming it, sending photos to anyone etc. Group Chats system is also there inside Google Hangouts so it can be seen as a competitive move from FB end.

Features of FB Messenger v4.0

• Group Chats: it allows you to broadcast your message to some particular group of users. You can customize your list according to your needs like one group for family, one group for friends, one for work and so on
• Option to name/rename group: this feature will help you recognizing the group anytime
• Photo/Message forwarding: you can send your photo/message to anyone even if he/she is not in the conversation
• The new version of Messenger responds quickly than older versions
• Lots more

These are some of the major changes that you will notice with latest iteration of popular Messenger service. If you are not using it yet then I would advise you to go and download it right now as it may reduce your phone bills to great folds now (especially with new voice calling feature).

Download FB Messenger v4.0

You can download it from respective stores for Android and iPhone. If you are connected to 3G or Wi-Fi then you will automatically receive the update notification. Officials have launched Messenger for Windows Phone too (they launched it earlier this month) but till now they haven’t launched/updated it.

So Windows users might have to wait for some more days/weeks for enjoying all these features on their smartphones. As the new iteration brings improvements to most of the segments so I will suggest you to go and try the latest iteration of FB Messenger. If you need suggestions on any part then you are welcome to ask your queries as comments here.



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