Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Flipkart might launch Android smartphones: Expected Specifications


One of India’s leading ecommerce store Flipkart might be coming with own smartphones. For now it is a rumour only and officials haven’t taken any stand on it. Even they have completely denied this report. There was one report in which it was said that Flipkart will very soon release two new Android smartphones in Indian market. The report was suggesting that the main reason for FK to enter the mobile industry (as manufacturer) was the recent success of Moto G smartphone. Motorola has itself said that Moto G is the biggest hit of their carrier and it won’t be possible without Flipkart. It might be the reason why FK has decided to enter the mobile industry (as manufacturers). I have concluded this part from that report only.

Till now we have seen FK coming with attractive offers for biggest brands/products. FK has also played a crucial role in the entire journey of Micromax. They have helped MMX to reach out to large group of audience with their unique and well-priced phones. I have myself used Flipkart a lot of times. They have a dedicated team that covers most of the regions in India (almost all). Also their deals are something that are not seen anywhere else. In a nutshell they have earned the trust and respect of most of the Indian customers/users and if you are active on internet then you should try them at least once.

Expected specs of Flipkart smartphones

Let me again remind you that FK has completely denied this rumour but what’s wrong in discussing about the expected specifications that FK is supposed to stuff inside its smartphones. As they are inspired by the recent success of MMX and Moto G so we can expect them to start with a medium level smartphone (on basis of price) and as they will retail it themselves so there will be no commission cost (it will further decrease the price). So they will get a decent budget (which they were earning as commission from other manufacturers) to spend on additional specifications.

The smartphone could house a 4.5-5 inch screen with full HD display, quad core processor, 1 GB RAM, 8 MP rear and 2 MP front facing camera. In the battery segment, they might put something like 2000-2200 mAh battery. Frankly speaking then no one knows the exact specifications of Flipkart’s smartphone (as of now) but one thing I can assure you about is the quality that FK will bring inside their smartphones. Let us wait and see what FK has planned to perform as mobile manufacturer.



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