Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Guideline to buy Android/Windows/iOS OS smartphone in 2014


Nowadays most of the peoples want to buy best smartphone but they don’t have any ideas that which features must be present in the smartphone. It is totally depend upon you whether you want to use this smartphone for creativity, gaming, music, camera or internet surfing. Here we are discussing some of the guidelines which you must check before buying any smartphone.

Operating System

Almost all the smartphone nowadays are comes with android, iOS and Windows operating system. You can choose any of the following OS. Android is one of the mostly used OS which is open source software. You can download large number of apps from the Google play store most of Samsung, LG HTC and other brand are based on the android OS. Second mostly used operating system is iOS and used in the apple smartphone. Windows OS is mostly used by the Nokia smartphones. So depending upon you which OS you want to choose, according to me android OS is one of the best system.

Processor and Memory

Second things which you know before buying smartphone are its processor and the memory. You can choose either dual core or quad core processor depending upon you whether you want to fast speed or not. In quad core when you open 2 or 3 browser simultaneously than your system will be slow down while in the quad core you can perform same task with fast speed.

Apart from processor you have to check the RAM (Random Access Memory) and the internal storage. RAM is the important memory of the any smartphone which will decides the speed of the system. So for the normal processing smartphone must have 2GB of RAM along with 2 or 4 GB of internal memory.

Display and Screen Size

If you want to use your smartphone for the working purpose than 4 inch is the normal size but you want to use your smartphone for the multipurpose than you can choose different size like 5 inch and above. Most of the android and windows smartphone comes with 5 inch and above display screen.

Apart from size you must have check the quality of the glass of the screen. The glass must be made AMOLED glass, which almost all the smartphone uses this glass.


You have to check that which connectivity features are available in the smartphone. It must support Bluetooth and WLAN for the files transfer and also support USB port along NFC for the file sharing between the systems.


One of the important things which you must know is the capacity of the battery. If you are buying any smartphone up to 5 inch, then your handset must support battery of up to 2000mAh. And for the handset above 5 inch screen battery must have capacity of more than 2000mAh otherwise you will face battery problem.


And finally check the camera and resolution of the camera and the video formats supported by the smartphone. For normal smartphone 5 to 10 MP of primary and 2 to 5 MP of secondary camera with auto focus and flash are available. Further if you want to buy the smartphone in the range of 15k to 25k than the MP will be increased.

So these are the some of the technical specification which you must check before buying any smartphone.



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