Friday, 14 March 2014

How to access Facebook when it is blocked in campus


You have try lot of times to open Facebook and other social sites in the school and college campus, but it is blocked by the administrative server and you can’t access these sites. You have try lots of tricks to open these sites but you can’t. Here we are discussing some of tricks through which you can access the blocked sites.

Access Facebook using Google Public Server

Every site has a unique address which we called IP address or URL of the site. Most of the time when you want to log in or access Facebook then type in the address bar. So IP address and URL are stored in the DNS server, so anyone who wants to block some site can be done by blocking the IP address in the DNS Server. So when social and other sites are blocked by the administrative then you can access or log in to these sites by using some different DNS servers like Google Public DNS Server and Open DNS Server. For the windows OS users follow these steps to access into blocked sites:

Control Panel >> Network and Internet Connections >> Network connections >> Right Click on >> Connection status icon >> Properties >> Internet Protocol

Put any of following DNS server address:
Open DNS Server address:,
Google Public DNS Server:,

Access Social sites using Proxy Sites

You can also access Facebook and other social sites using proxy sites. But in the some campus proxy sites are also blocked. So it is not widely used tricks. But there are lot of proxy sites which you can search and find which is not blocked. Here are the lists of few proxy sites which you can try in your campus to access social sites:

Use shortened URL

In most of the times when the sites are blocked by the administrative, they will block the block complete URL so you can try some shortened URL to bypass the blocking. Like you can type and bit.lyto and access blocked sites.

Access Facebook using IP Address

In most cases you have to need Domain address to access into blocked site, but you can also bypass the barriers of blocked site by getting IP address. You can get IP address by following these steps:

Press W + R key simultaneously.
A command prompt will be open type ping and hit enter key.
When you press enter key IP address of the Facebook will be open.
Copy this address and enter into the browser and you can access Facebook.

VPN Services

You can also use various VPN services to open the blocked sites. You can access the Facebook by using VPN services.
Here we have listed so many tricks to open blocked site which will definitely work. But in some cases you can’t open block site because administrative have also used lot of tricks.



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