Monday, 24 March 2014

How To: BlackBerry OS 10.3 update with complete fetaures


Although BlackBerry is not at its peak these days but it has surely taken care of all its precious users. Earlier this year we have seen them to launch BlackBerry OS 10.2.1 update for their smartphones and now its turn for BlackBerry OS 10.3 update. Last update (that they released earlier this year) was a minor one and was carrying few software tweak along. This time it is going to be a major one that will bring improvements in most of the required mobile segments. Before moving any further let me clear one thing that officials hasn’t confirmed anything about this upcoming update this is leaked from an online publication.

Features of BlackBerry OS 10.3

As I said above that it is going to be a feature full major update which carries something for most of the units. If we have to round up all its features in one line then I must say that it will reflect a new UI with flatter look, better interface and flatter overall look. The new UI is smooth and is more user friendly than previous cases. Here I am summing up remaining features:

• No boxes are there around the icons which redefines the menu look. Now it looks more vibrant and attractive
• Intelligent assistant is there which will help you understand the new UI’s concepts
• Keyboard is redesigned which now offers easy typing controls
• Color scheme of the system is changed and is made in accordance with Black and red colors
• New software tweaks are added which let you customize you phone with better ease. Battery saver options are now included (like phone will turn off during upside down and when it will be kept inside the pocket)
• Camera is improved and is embedded with various automatic features like timer, panoramic shoot option, resolution change etc • Smart search feature
• Music Player design is also improved. It now comes with easy scrolling
• Design of most of the control buttons is changed which will give you a completely new experience
• Reaction rate is improved which eventually increases the entire processing part of the smartphone
• Lots more

Talking in a nutshell then BlackBerry has introduced several changes that will let you experience something new in each and every segment of the phone.

How To

I have already said that it is just a report from an online portal (I will attach the source at end) and it might be just a rumour. But if it goes true then we can expect BB to roll out this update in a month or two. Please be in touch for latest covering about this news.



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