Thursday, 27 March 2014

How to block website in Mozilla web browser


Mozilla Firefox is one of the popular web browser used after the Google Chrome, if you are using Mozilla as your internet browser and want to block social and other websites, so that no one can access these sites in your system. You have seen in the Google Chrome, you can easily block any sites by changing the privacy and security setting of the chrome but Mozilla is the single web browser which do not supports blocking features but don’t worry if you are using this web browser here we are with new method through which you can block websites in the Mozilla Browser.

Step by step guidelines

As we have already discussed that it is the single alone browser with no feature of blocking websites, but you can block website in the Mozilla by third party add on programs. So simply you have to use extra add on programs for blocking websites in the Firefox.

Firstly open the browser and click on the ‘Tools’ option on the left top side in the menu bar, if your menu bar is hide then click on the left side icon and select option and select menu bar and you will see it will display on the top. After that click on the ‘Add-ons’ or you can also press CTRL+SHIFT+A key simultaneously.

Now type or enter ‘Block Site’ in the search box or also the name of the site which you want to block and hit enter key. Now add the website which you want to block to the Firefox. Now it will ask for installation and click on install now and wait for few second, when installation is completed then close the browse and restart your system.

Now again open the browser and click on the ‘Tools’ option and lick on ‘Add-ons’ and find all the block site in the list of Add-ons.

Now click on the option button and select ‘Enable Functions’ from the top of the screen and enable all the options ‘Block Site’, ‘Warning Messages’ and ‘Link Removal’.

Now hit the radio button next to the black list and press the (+) add button, enter the URL of website which you want to block, you can also copy the URL and paste here and hit the OK button.

You can also add password to the blocked site means when the next time you want to add, edit or want to remove the website then you have to enter the password. You have to select the ‘Enable authentication’ option and enter the desired password which you can remember for a long time.

That’s all, now your website is blocked and no one can access or open this site in the Mozilla web browser.


Hope you have successfully blocked your websites in this browser. If you found any difficulty or don’t know, what to do next, then you can ask by comment.



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