Monday, 10 March 2014

How to boost the speed of android smartphone


Most of android smartphone especially those which have low RAM will start hang up or speed of the smartphone will be slow down after you install large number of apps in your device. So due to this your phone may be automatically switched ON/OFF or hang for few minutes until you does not remove the battery or switched OFF it. Here we are discussing some of the simple ways through which you can boost up the speed of your device.

Clear your App Cache

Most of the peoples do not know that what is the App Cache? App Cache is that memory which generally stored the application you have download from the play store or the apps and widget which is already present in the smartphone also stored in the cache memory. So when you will download and install large number of apps and your cache will have not more space to store another app, then you phone will be hang up and speed of the device will be slower down. So you have to clear the app cache to boost the performance of the system.
To do this, go the setting and click on the apps and open individual app and clear the cache.

Uninstall unused apps

Most of the peoples buy android phones for enjoying the different apps, so they download and install multiple apps from the play store to enjoy it. But at presently they cannot use all apps at the same time so the apps which are not used by the user will also slow down the speed and reduces the performance on the system. So the apps which you are not using presently or you do not need these apps regularly then you can uninstall the apps and when you need then you can easily reinstall these apps and easily enjoy this app.

You can easily uninstall app, go to the system setting and click on app and select individual apps which you want to install and click on the uninstall. You can also disable the app and when you need then enable it.

App Launcher

You can also boost speed and increase the performance of the system by installing some of the apps from the play store and also installing app launcher. You can also download and install the CleanMaster app for the boost up the system speed. There are large number of apps are presents in the play store; you can download and install from there.

Delete widgets and shortcuts

You can also increase the system performance by removing or deleting the unnecessary widgets and shortcuts from the home screen because these also consumes most of the cache memory and reduces the performance. So try to maintain low shortcuts and widget on the home screen and delete unnecessary widgets from the app cache.

Update Firmware

Last and most important way to increase system processing is that you have to update your phone firmware because when you update then most of the cache will clear and it will automatically boost up the system.

So these are some of tricks to boost up the speed and performance of the smartphone. You can also install app launcher in the phone to speed up the device.



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