Thursday, 27 March 2014

How to connect Byte wireless Bluetooth with android smartphones


Byte is a wireless Bluetooth device through which you can listen music and other audio files from the any smartphone which support Bluetooth. You can also connect other wireless Bluetooth to your smartphone and enjoy the music in high quality. You can also pick up the calls. Wireless Bluetooth device has about 10 meter range means you can put smartphone on charging and put Bluetooth handset in your ear and listen the music in very high quality with clear sound. Here we are discussing step by step guideline to connect your smartphone with wireless handsets.

Features of Byte Bluetooth Handset

The main features of this handset are that you can enjoy music in high quality. You can also receive the call and also make the last dial call. You can also pause or retrieve the music, forward and backward songs without touching in your smartphone. It comes with red or blue LED. It has a mini USB slot for the charging. It has a large stand by time of about more than 500 plus hours and with you can listen music continuously for a week once you have fully charged it.

How to connect

Firstly turn ON the Bluetooth of the smartphone through which you want to connect this handset.

Now press the call icon on the handset for a few seconds until both red and blue LED starts blinking together, when both LED starts blinking simultaneously then release the button.

Now search for the new device in the Bluetooth option, it will takes few seconds.

After few seconds you will see in the list the name of the handset such as Byte and click on it.

Now click on the connect option and it will takes few seconds for the connection.

Once it is connected with the smartphone then only blue LED will blink.

Now you can listen music or receive the calls with your handset device.

Now you can also forward or backward music with the help of handset and you don’t need to touch your smartphone.


Hope you have successfully connected your Bluetooth handset with your smartphone. So if you want to enjoy music in the high quality then you have to buy the wireless Bluetooth handset from the nearby electronic shops or you can also buy online from the different store. The Byte is available online with price of RS 1500 from the online store. The main advantages with this is that it will gives one year warranty card to the customer if it is stopped working then you can get the new one.



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