Thursday, 20 March 2014

How to connect laptop/PC to the TV/Projector


Generally you have seen that the laptops comes in the small screen size and the bigger screen size laptops or PC are so much costly which everyone cannot afford it. But when you see that nowadays bigger screen digital television becomes almost cheaper and you can buy the digital TV of about 30 inches with RS 15,000. So if you are thinking to connect your laptop or PC to the digital television then few things which you have to check before buying the laptops as well as digital television. You can connect your laptop with your television through the HDMI port through which you can access your laptop in the TV, also you can enjoy the movie and gaming in the bigger screen with resolution.


HDMI acronyms stands for the High Definition Multimedia Interface and is a compact audio/video interface for transferring the audio as well as video data from the laptops (or device supporting the HDMI Port) to the compatible devices like monitor, digital TV and projector etc. you simply need one HDMI cable connector and both the device must compatible with HDMI port.

How to connect

To setup the connection between the laptop and the projector or to other device which support HDMI port then you must know these points:

First of all your laptop must support the HDMI port because you cannot connect your laptop to the projector if your device does not have HDMI Port.

To check whether your laptop or PC support the HDMI port or not, then you have to check the specification of the device and the second through which you have to share the data also compatible with the HDMI port.

Now buy the HDMI port cable from the online store with cost of RS 300 and above.

Connect the HDMI cable to the laptop and other part of the cable connect with the projector, digital device or the another device through you want to share data.

After connecting you have to set up the manual setting which you can know check from the official website of the Microsoft or Mac.

After you have setup the connection then you share data and enjoy the gaming and video experience on the high quality TV with bigger screen.


So if you want to experience watching moving in high definition and want to play games on bigger screen then you can connect your laptop to the digital TV through the HDMI cable by connecting in the HDMI port. For this simply you have to purchase one HDMI cable and check the compatibility of the device whether they support HDMI port or not. In case it doesn’t support the HDMI port then you cannot connect your laptop to the digital TV or projector.



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