Tuesday, 11 March 2014

How to connect OTG cable with Micromax A116 HD


Most of the low budget android smartphones comes with either 4/8/16 GB of internal storage and with SD card slot for the external storage. And when you visit with your friends then you capture image and record video in the high resolution with HD quality which need large amount of memory for the storage and your device will not support such a huge amount of memory. For this purpose you can connect external devices like pen drive and hard disk through the OTG cable with your smartphones to increase the storage capacity. Here we are discussing some of the few simple steps to connect OTG cable with MMX canvas HD A116.

OTG cable connection

Whenever you want to increase or expand the storage of the device, you can done it by two method either installing external SD card in your device or you can connect external devices like hard disk, pen drive and magnetic tape to the smartphone through the OTG cable.

First of all you have to buy the OTG cable for the MMX A116 from the online shopping or nearby dealer.
Now if you have buy the cable then first of all connect it to the smartphone in the mini USB v2.0 slot with extra care.
Now connect pen drive, hard disk or other external devices to the other end of the OTG cable.
Now you have to check whether your OTG cable is working or not or the device you have connected is working proper or not.
Now go to the file manager and open it.
Here you will see that your external SD card and internal SD card is already open, but when you will connect the external device to the OTG cable then it will open here. So if see any external device then it means your OTG cable is working and now you can store large amount of data into the external device.
To store data into the external device you have to go to the system setting and select storage option and click on the external device after that all the files, images and videos will be store in the external device.
After when this external device has no extra space for the storage than you can transfer your data to the external hard disk or to your personal computer or laptop.
Again connect the pen drive when you need and when you don’t want to use the OTG cable then simple remove it from the slot.
Remember one thing that when you are connecting external device to your system than always scanned it with antivirus otherwise it will delete your personnel data which is stored in the internal SD card.


So you can store large amount of data in your device through the OG cable. The price of the OTG cable is about RS 100. You can also buy online from different website with extra discount.



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