Friday, 7 March 2014

How to connect Printer/Scanner to LAN


Here we are talking about how we can connect printer/scanner to the LAN networks. Nowadays most of the peoples, organisation and institutes use LAN for the sharing or transferring the files between the each other. There are so many technologies for sharing computer with each other; they can be shared through wired or wireless technology. Most of the organisation or institutes want so many hard copies of the files which they have created in the system, so every system wants separate printer for this or either you have to put that file in the portable hard drive and put in the system which is attached with the printer and after that you will get the hard copy. But connecting a printer/scanner to the LAN (Local Area network) means you have a single printer/scanner and you want that all the user of the LAN will connected to the single printer. Due to this technology you’ll need only one printer/scanner and all the system can share it and by single command they can print anything. So don’t worry about it, here I am providing the step by step procedures for sharing a single printer/scanner to the LAN.

Basic Steps

Step 1 Firstly connect Printer/Scanner to the one of the computer of the LAN networks which you have created.

Step 2 Now go to control panel, double click on the “Printer” or Printer and Scanner” icon, after that double click on the “Add a Printer” icon. You can follow this path: Start >> Control Panel >> View Devices or printer >> Printer and Scanner icons >> double click >> Add a printer.

Step 3 Now in the next tab select either “A network Printer” or printer attached to another computer.

Step 4 Now enable sharing on the computer. This can be done by simple go to the start button, click on the panel and then select Network and Sharing center. In the next tab click on the advance system setting after that in next window on the left side of the screen turn on file and printer sharing. Or simple you can follow this path: Start >> Control Panel >> Network and Sharing center >> Advance system setting >> Turn ON file and printer sharing.

Step 5 Now select the “Devices and Printers” by clicking on the start button. Now right click on the printer and select printer properties. In the nest tab click on the target computer and check the “Share this printer” box within the sharing tab.

Step 6 Now type the name of the printer’s network address which includes the name of the computer and printer. Remember that Firewall of the system must be disabled.

Step 7 Once you enter the printer’s network address, then click the next and now you have to either install the printer on the other system (which are connected to the LAN) or install the driver of the required printer’s.

Step 8 Now create Home Group for the printer sharing by following this path: Start >> Control Panel >> Choose home group >> enabled.

Step 9 Now you can use this printer/scanner for the LAN. This is the simple step by step procedures for connecting the Printer/Scanner to the LAN networks.



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