Thursday, 27 March 2014

How to connect your smartphone/PC to printer


About five year ago, it is not easy task to print the documents through the smartphones, but with the advancement in the wireless technology or android you can print out your favorite image from the smartphone wirelessly with the help of ad-hoc or Wi-Fi Direct modes and Bluetooth system. You can also print out the documents from the remote area through the internet. So here we are discussing different method to connect your smartphone or PC to the printer.

Connect wirelessly

One of the latest and widely used methods to connect printer to the smartphone or PC is via wireless. In wireless you can also connect your printer with the help of either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Most of the wireless printer came with the Wi-Fi systems and it is very rare when printer is come with Bluetooth. But when your PC does not support Wi-Fi or you have not installed the wireless driver then you can also connect printer with the help of Bluetooth. If your printer does not support Bluetooth feature then you have to buy extra Bluetooth card for the printer through which you can connect with the PC. You can buy this from the online store.

When you want connect printer via Wi-Fi then you used different modes for the connection such as ad-hoc mode or Wi-Fi direct mode. Out of these modes ad-hoc is simple to connect but it has some disadvantages and most of times peoples uses Wi-Fi direct modes which is difficult to connect but it is easy to use. The main advantages with the Wi-Fi printer is that they have large range and have fast speed of processing as we compared to the Bluetooth printer that’s why Bluetooth printers are less used.

Remote Printing

Remote printing means you can print from a faraway place such as you are in London and want to print something from the New York. For this simple you have to install different remote software in the PC and create account in it and you can print with the help of internet. But when you uses this technology of printing then always remember that your printer must be good condition because you are the far away from the place and if something went wrong with it then you can’t do anything. There are lots of software are available of the store you can download or buy.

Printing Apps

You can also install printing apps in your smartphone and using these apps and with the help of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth you can connect your smartphone (selected smartphone uses android, windows, black berry and iOS operating system) to the printer and print anything such as documents and images. Are lots of printing apps are available on the play store which you can buy or download. And remember one things that not all smartphone can be connected with printer only few selected smartphone can be connected to the printer, you can check the specification of your smartphone and knows whether it supports this feature or not.



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