Sunday, 16 March 2014

How to connect/setup wireless connection between windows 7 PCs


Connecting two PCs through wirelessly, system must have the wireless driver installed. You can connect wirelessly either Wi-Fi or WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network). You can share date or internet connection wirelessly without the need of cross cable or LAN. Here we are discussing the step by step guidelines to connect multiple PCs wirelessly.

Things to know before connection

The important things or points which you must remember before connecting the multiple PCs wirelessly:

Both the system must have wireless adapter and wireless driver must be installed.
The workgroup or system name must be same/identical of both the systems.
Activate or turn ON wireless network by pressing Function key + F2 key etc.
The distance between both the systems must be 50 meters.

Step by step guidelines

Here are simple steps to connect two windows 7 PC wirelessly:

Click on the start or window icon and select control panel option and click on the Network and Sharing Center option.

Now click on the ‘change advance setting’ icon in the left side and click on Home or Work icon and enable the ‘Network Discovery, File and Printer Sharing, Read/Write sharing and disable or turn off password protected sharing and save these changes.

Again back to the Network and Sharing Center and select ‘setup a new connection/network’ and click on the ‘Choose a connection’ icon and select the option ‘setup a wireless ad hoc (computer to computer) networks and click on ‘Next’ icon.

Now enter your networks name and security key and click on the next button, that all you have created a wireless network.

Now perform the same steps on the second PC or on multiple PCs through which you want to connect wirelessly and enter the security key enter by the first PC and turn on the wireless network. Now you can enjoy sharing and transferring of files, data and networks wirelessly.

In case you find any problems then you can also comment or search on the official website of the Microsoft Windows.


Through the wireless network you do not need any kind of the cables for connecting PCs with each other which will reduce the cost. Wireless connection setup is also easier as much to the cross cable connection because some when you uses cross cable for a long time then it will damage and you have to buy another Ethernet cable and again you have to setup the connection. So, wireless network is a good choice to setup the interconnection between the multiples PCs.



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