Thursday, 6 March 2014

How to create and manage account


In the recent year most of the people use Gmail, Hotmail and yahoo uses for the personnel accounts and Gmail is mostly used by people because it is very fast and easy to use and is well organized. But in the last few year most of the business man and other peoples uses which has some advance feature as compared to the Gmail like modern user interface style layout and social integration etc.

So if you want to create account in, you can easily crate account. Here we are discussing some of tricks to manage your outlook inbox clean and how to manage your account. You can clean your inbox by several methods and keep only selected messages in the inbox which you need in the future.

The ways in which inbox can be clean easily are discussed below:

Sweep scheduling

Sweep feature lets you automatically delete your inbox from the specific senders. You can easily clean in box with Sweep.
The main advantage of the Sweep is that you can do regular sweep schedule in which if you want to keep the record of new news latter than you can add old newsletter to the folder. You can do this by clicking on one of the email of news latter and click on the Sweep and select Schedule cleanup a pop will be display on the screen from you have to select one option either keep the latest messages. Delete message older than 10 days and move the entire message to the news latter folder. And click OK. In case if you want to delete the older than 3 days, then select on 10 days and select 3 days.

OneDrive Integration

This feature is very much similar to the Google drive that came to Gmail in late 2012. In this you can send large files in one mail. You can upload multiple files to the one drive and only send the link of that drive to the contact which you want to send. You can upload file to the drive by following simple steps: click on the insert button and select share from one drive and select the multiple files which you want send and add to the drive.

Outlook display

The outlook inbox can be display in the different styles; the inbox messages can be display in different view such as unread, contacts, groups, newsletters, social updates and everything else. You can click on the any option will display message in the next window.
So these are some of the steps to manage your outlook account and inbox message clean. You can create your outlook account from the Google by visiting the official website and create account.



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