Sunday, 30 March 2014

How to format Drive C permanently in PC/Laptop


Drive C is basically used for storing the windows driver, files and other data. It is one of the key drive of the computer once it gets corrupted then your system may not works properly. The main reason to get this hard drive corrupted is the virus, worm and Trojans which will corrupt some of the files of the windows and stops the normal functioning of the system. So most of times you want to format this drive, but it is not automatically formatted as compared to other hard drives presents in the system. You have to follow particulars steps to format this hard drive.

Things to know

If you want to format your C drive then remember these points before formatting it.

You must have to back up your personal data and other files on the external hard drive because once you have formatted your drive C you cannot recover your data.

You must have the windows CD or USB flash drive (in which you have store your windows) before formatting it.

Guidelines to format it

The basic steps to delete/format your drive C are discussed below:

First of all, back up your data and other files to the external hard disk.

Now insert the windows CD or connect USB pen drive to the system.

Now restart your system and press the F12, F10 or ESC key to enter into the booting setting and select the required drive if you have install CD then select CD or if you have connected the pen drive then select USB flash drive.

After that, follow the simple instructions by pressing the next button icon on the screen.

Now select the C drive and click on the delete or format option and press next button in the next tab select another or same drive to provide the storage location to the windows and tap the next button icon. This will automatically format your C drive and process of installation will be starts. It will take about 30 to 60 minutes and during the installation process your system may be shut down two more than two times.

When this process is completed then enters the basic information and install antivirus in your system and scan the whole system once, it will scan your system and once in a week scan your whole system this will secure your system from the viruses.


Hope this article will definitely help you and you have successfully formatted your C drive, but if you found any problem then you can ask by comment.



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