Thursday, 13 March 2014

How to increase battery life of Laptop/PC


If you are using laptop or PC then you have seen one of the major problems is the battery life time. Most of the laptop and pc battery life time will be about 3 to 4 hours. Whether you choose Dell, HP Acer, Sony, LG, Lenovo laptop all have same problems. The main reason of the short life time of battery is due to heating of the system. So here we are discussing some of the tips to increase the life time of the battery. You have to simple followed it not installed anything extra in your laptop or pc.

Power Saver Plan

When you install the windows in your system the default setting get activated. So when you are working on the system the balanced power plan will be active. You can choose the power save plan by clicking the on power icon in the task bar and select other power.

Minimize the Brightness

You can also increase the lifetime of battery by adjusting the brightness of the screen. When you are working in the day then you can increase the brightness to the higher level but when you are working in the night then you can decrease the brightness of the system which will definitely increase the time of battery. You can adjust the brightness by clicking of the power icon in the task bar and click on adjust the brightness. You can also increase your decrease the brightness by using shortcut key such as Function key + F4/F5 etc.

Avoid overheating

Most of the laptop’s battery is reduced by overheating of the system. This happen either you have blocked the cooling system of the laptop. Most of the laptop have their cooling system is placed in the below or some have placed it on the back side. So when you are working on the system then do not block the cooling system, this will avoid the overheating of system and will increase the performance and timing of the battery to a long time. All the laptops are comes with low coiling system except Apple laptops which never get overheated. So if you want to avoid this problem you can buy the apple laptop.

Closed unwanted programs

Laptops are basically made for performing multiple tasks at simultaneous time. But when you are performing multiple task then it will consumed more battery as compared to normal operation. So you can shut down or closed the unnecessary programs or task which you are not using. This will save the power of the battery.

Remove battery when not used

When you are continuously using pc or laptop and you have plugged in AC adapter for a long time, then you can also remove the battery of the system or few times this will also increase the life time of the battery.

So these are the some of the simple ways to increase the performance and life time of the battery, which you can easily perform with your system.



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