Monday, 31 March 2014

How to increase the performance of Android smartphones


Nowadays android is very common word in the technology’s world, most of the gadgets, smartphones and tablets runs on the android based operating system, but with the time the performance or we can processing system of these devices gets slower. So if you want to maintain your smartphone processing speed fast and so you have to follow the instructions which are mention below.

Update smartphone firmware

When you use your smartphone regularly for a long period of time than your system firmware such as software and operating system fix some bug which you can check directly or no message will be display on the screen regarding it. So when use your smartphone after that then your system performance and processing speed will be slow down. So the best ways to debug such problems by keep updating your smartphone regularly after a certain period of interval, so that the previous bugs can be solved or removed by it.

Install antivirus/cleaner apps

There are lots of apps for the scanning and cleaning your smartphone. You can easily download these from the android play store. You can download and install antivirus and scan your handset daily. You can also install the different cleaner apps which will delete the unnecessary files from the memory and keep your memory space free. With the help of different task manager apps you can automatically stop the apps which you are not currently using.

Uninstall unnecessary apps

You have download the different apps from the play store which will acquired lots of space of the memory and when 80% of the memory will be loaded with apps then your system performance will be slower down and may be start up hanging. So you can uninstall or stop the apps which you do not use daily and when you need than simply install it. With this your memory will be increase and processing speed will be increased of the device.

Keep internal memory free

Most of the handset comes with lots of internal memory, and when it gets fully loaded than it may be the reason behind the poor performance of the system. So you can install your images, video and audio files in the external SD card, you can also store the apps in your external SD card and keep your internal memory of the device as free as you can.

Root your smartphone

You can also root your smartphone, after rooting your smartphone may supports some extra features. Some apps does not activates if you does not root your device. But before rooting your device back upi your necessary data and other files.

Reboot and Reset

Reboot is a temporary method but sometimes it may also works when your smartphone will hang up then you can reboot your device by pressing the lock key for few seconds.

You can also factory reset your handset, because after resetting your smartphone it becomes as new as your new handset. Remember that before resetting your handset back up your all data.



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