Wednesday, 26 March 2014

How to install multiple OS on single PC/Laptop


Most of times you have seen or you have used single operating system on the PC or Laptop. Either you are using Windows7, XP or Windows 8 operating system in your system. So have you thought of using two or multiple operating system in your devices. When you installed multiple operating systems in your system, in one operating system you can perform your personnel or business work and remaining operating system can be used for the other purposes. You can also use Windows7 or 8 at the same time; you can use also Linux operating system with Windows 7 or 8. It is very simple to install multiple operating systems; here we are discussing step by step procedure for installing multiple operating systems on a single PC.

How to install

To install multiple operating systems you need different drive with large storage space. When you install multiple operating systems in your PC, then it will acquire lots of space of your hard disk.

Initially install the first operating system via pen drive or CD drive. Connect pen drive or CD to the PC and press F12 when your system is booting or you can also run it from the main menu. Follow the instructions and press enter key.

Now provide the memory location in the hard drive for storage purpose, you can either provide any of the drive and press next and wait for the installation process is completed.

If it is completed then install the system’s drivers.

Nom connect the CD or pen drive of the other operating system to the same laptop or PC in which you want install multiple operating system.

Initially process is almost similar to the previous one only the differences arise when you have to choose the drive for storage.

Here you have to choose the separate or different drive for storage; you can’t store two operating systems in the same drive. If you have store first operating system in drive C then you can store second operating system another drive.

After that press next and wait for the installation process to be completed, it will takes few times for the installation, once it is installed then you can installed its driver and update different programs in the system and enjoy multiple operating system in your PC.

You can choose operating system at the time of booting means when you will restart your computer then you have to choose the operating system that is which one operating system you want to use and press enter key.


Hope you have successfully installed multiple operating systems in your PC. You can install two or more than two operating system in your system, it depends upon the memory of the hard disk because when you installed multiple operating system then it will acquired large space. You can also use external hard disk for storing your personnel data.



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