Wednesday, 19 March 2014

How to make free calls from Facebook Messenger for android


Recently What Sapp has announced that they launch the free voice call feature in the mid of this year but Facebook and launch the free calls facility for the android smartphone on the Facebook Messenger. So the android smartphone users have good news from the Facebook and make free calls to their friends with free of cost instead of your normal data rates may be apply. So you can enjoy the call facility on the messenger. So if you are thinking to enjoy this feature in your smartphone then you have to perform simple steps which are given below. Simple you have to update your Facebook messenger and you can easily access this feature.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook has launch this app only for the android smartphone means only those user can enjoy the call feature who have android OS and Facebook no other users can enjoy this features. So you enjoy this features your smartphone operating system must have android operating system.

Apart from it you can call only those friends who have Facebook messenger and have create account it, you can’t call to your friends who don’t have this messenger.

And one of things which you must know that you can call only those friends who are online or active at that time otherwise you cannot call to your friends if he/she is offline, in that case your friends will receive a missed call message from you.

How to make calls

So if you are android smartphone users and want to enjoy the feature of call then these are the basic steps through which you can make the free calls to your Facebook friends (only who are using androids smartphone) through the messenger.
First of all download the Facebook messenger from the android play store, install it and log in or sign in in into the messenger.
Now you will see the home screen of the messenger on which the complete lists of your Facebook friends will be open.
Now click on the middle of the icon on the top of the screen (friend icons) there you will see the list of both active as well offline friends.
The friends who are using the Facebook messenger have blue dot on their profile pic and the friends are using Facebook without messenger have white dot on the pic.
Now click on the Active icon on the right side there you will see the list of active friends whom you can call right now.
After that whom you want to call click on it and select the free calls option be clicking on the left button of the home and there you will see different option and click on the call or free call option and automatically connect to your friends.
As it is not a vice call show your Facebook name will display on the friends screen and by clicking on the green button you can pick up the call while by red button you can abort the calls.

So these are simple steps through which you can make the calls to your friends through the android Facebook messenger.



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