Monday, 24 March 2014

How to make free voice call from PC/Laptop


Most of the laptops and PCs have no facility provided for the voice calls; this is the main disadvantages with the laptop. Peoples have to buy extra smartphone to make the voice call to friends or family. But you can also make free voice call from the PC or Laptop across the worldwide through the internet or Wi-Fi by installing special web portal software. There are so many software and messengers were launched by the Google and Yahoo through which you can make the voice call to your friends and family. Here we are listing some of the best messengers or voice call software through which you can make free call from PC to Phone.

Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo Messenger is one of the great services launched by the Yahoo that lets you to make free calls. You can make calls to any country. You can’t make direct call from this messenger you have to perform few basic steps initially when you make first call through this messenger.

Firstly download Yahoo Messenger and install in the PC or Laptop.

Now sign in with your Yahoo account, in case you doesn’t have account then you can create new account.

Now open Y! Voice and select ‘Call a phone from PC’.

Now dial 18003733411 toll free number and call it and get all the important instruction to make free call and after that you can start enjoying free call.


There are almost so many messengers are available which makes free call but you can make calls in US or Canada only. Site2Sms is the first website through which you can make free voice message and voice call to any mobile number across the India and you can’t call International call through this web portal. With this web you can make a single calls for only 2 minutes and after that it will automatically disconnected and you can make 15 calls of 2 minutes in a single day. You can simply download this from the net, install and start enjoying the free calls and voice messages in India.

Google Voice

Google Voice was launched by the Google is one of the popular voice messenger through which you can make free calls from the PC to Mobile or Mobile to PC. With this it offered free calls only in USA and Canada for other country call rates will be apply but call rates will be low as compared to the normal call rates.

So these are some of the messenger through which you can make free calls as well as voice messages in India as well as outside India. You can also download other web portal which offered free call facility from the PC to the mobile through the internet.



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