Sunday, 23 March 2014

How to make your Pen Drive or External HDD password protected


External Hard Disk Drive are basically used for the storing the large amount of personal data and other files. It comes in either fixed or portable hard disk, fixed hard disk are attached or fixed inside the system and while portable hard disk can be connected with system through the USB cable and you can take portable hard disk to anywhere. These hard disks come in different storage size like 500GB, 1TB and 2TB etc. with different cost.

While pen drives are also portable device to store the data or files but it is small in size and is basically used for storing small amount of data. It also comes in the different size like 2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB and 64 GB etc. you can easily connect pen drive with your computer through the USB port and don’t need and USB cable.

But I have seen most of the peoples are facing almost similar problem with these portable devices is that the external device are not protected with any password means anyone can access or open these hard disk. Most of the times peoples have stored their secret data insides it and when it is lost and stolen by someone then they can easily open it in the PCs, Laptops or in smartphones and access data. So peoples want to buy hard disk with password protection feature but it is not easy to provide such portable devices.

How to protect

But there are different methods to provide various security methods to your portable devices either software method or different folder locker apps. You can installed software in the hard drive through which you have to enter password to open and without password no one can open the hard disk. To update software inside the hard disk you can visit the official website of the Microsoft to know more about it.

You can also installed the different folder lock software in the hard drive and keep all your secret data in the folder lock software. Whenever you want to access your data, just enter password and you can easily access your data. You can also change your password and provide new password to the folder lock which you can easily remember instead of difficult password. There are different folder lock software are available on the net with free of cost and you can download from their and installed in your device and make your device password protected.


So these are the few methods to make your external device password protected, you can choose any of the method, but folder lock method is very easy method as compared to former one. So whenever you want to protect your external device just install folder lock software and place your secret data into it.



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