Monday, 17 March 2014

How to open hide files/folders in Window 7


Sometimes you want to hide your secret files or folders from your friends or family in a PC or laptops and for that purpose you install various folder lock software in your systems. These software are password based means when you enter the correct password then you can access or see the files or folders which are presents inside it. But here we are discussing the simple procedure to hide your file of folders without any software. You can hide your files or folders by changing the properties of the system and when you want to access these files then you can changes its properties to unhide or disable hide.


The basic step by step procedures to hide your folder or files in windows PC or laptops are described below in the article:

Step 1
Click on the Win or start button on the task bar and click on the left top button ‘Organize’ and below different option will be open.

Step 2
Now from the different option select and click on the ‘Folders and search options’ button.

Step 3
In the next window you have to select the ‘View’ option from the top of the screen which is middle of the screen. And select the option ‘Show hidden files, folders and drives’ and click on the ‘apply’ or ‘Ok’ option.

Step 4
Now if you want to hide your folders and files again then select the option in the ‘view’ panel ‘Do not show hidden files, folder or drives’ and press OK to apply these changes.

How to Hide Folder/Files

Recently we have discussed the step by step procedure to hide the folder and files. But here we discuss how the changes the properties of the folder to make it hidden.
Firstly right click on the folders or files which you want to hide and click on the Properties button and changes its attribute to the Hidden by clicking on the box in front of Hidden and press enter or OK. Again if you want to make it unhide then changes its attribute to the ‘unhide’ by clicking on the Hidden option and press Apply or OK option.


So above we have discussed the simple way to hide your files or folders in windows pc. If you have any problem regarding it then you can contact with us by commenting.



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