Sunday, 23 March 2014

How to post Voice comments in Facebook using Chrome extensions


You have seen on the WhatsApp that you can post or send audio as well voice comments to your friends. The main advantages with this is that you don’t have to type on the keyboard and simply you have speak in front of mic and release the mic button to send. Most of the peoples are thinking that if WhatsApp can provide this feature then why not Facebook. So don’t worry here we are providing some of the chrome extension through which you can post voice or audio comments in Facebook only in the Chrome Browser. Simply you have to download this extension and add it to chrome browser and when you want to use this extension then you have to enable it.

Talk and Comment Extension

Talk and Comment is becoming one of the popular extensions for the chrome browser through which you can post your voice comments to your Facebook friends. You can send voice message to your friends instead of whether they have installed this extension or not they can access your voice comments and also suggest your friends to download this extension for the chrome. You can also enable or disable this extension any time if you want from the chrome setting.

How to download

To download this extension you have to follow few simple steps:

First of all open your chrome browser and click on the wrench icon on the top right side of the screen.

Now click on the ‘Tools’ icon and select the ‘extensions’ button from there and click on it.

Now you will be asked for browse the gallery and select the extension icon to search different extension.

After that write in the search box ‘Talk and Comment’ and there will be display different extensions on the screen within few seconds and place the cursor on ‘Talk and Comment’ and add it to chrome and it will be automatically installed to chrome after few minutes depending upon your internet connection. Now you can access this extension.

How to Use

It is very simple to use this extension in the Facebook. Whenever you will open Facebook in the chrome browser then in chat box a mic button will be shown. So if you want to send a voice message, then firstly hold this mic button and wait until it turns to red, if it became red then speak and if you complete your message then release this button and URL will loaded in the box after that press enter button to send it. Now your friends can download and will listens your voice comment. Your friends can easily receive this message instead he/she have installed this extension or not.
You can also share this extension with your friends and family to enjoy the feature of this extension with chrome browser and now you can talk with your friends instead of typing a long message.



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