Sunday, 2 March 2014

How to recover your deleted/lost data in PC/external Device


Some time when you connect external device to your PC or laptop and your hard disk was corrupted or your data from the drive or external devices will automatically erased because of viruses present in either PC or the external device which you connect to your PC. So you can lose your important data which you need in the future or some memorable moments of the past which you have saved in the PC. So here we are discussing some of the recovery software which can easily recover your deleted/corrupted or erased data to the system. Some of the best free recovery software are discussed below which you can download from the Google free of cost.

Wondershare Date Recovery Software

It is one of the open source software which is easily downloaded from the Google without any cost and is very easy to use. You can recover data in various modes like in Smart Mode, Advanced mode or in Normal Mode.

Firstly you have to install this software in the PC after that you cans elect any of the modes for the recovery. After the successful recovery of the drive or the external device you can select particular file or folder which you need and provide the location in another drive. The main problem with this is that you can recover data from the external device like pen drive if you have not perform any read or write operation otherwise some of the data may not be recovered.

PC Inspector Recovery Software

It is another file recovery software which supports FAT as well as NTFS file systems. The operation and the working of this software are also similar to the above mention software. But the latest version of this software comes some advance features like it recovers files with original time and date, also recovers files even when the header entry is no longer (this features is not available in other software), it also supports Special recovery Function and it can automatically finds the partitions.
This software is compatible with almost every operating system like Windows, 7, 8, XP, Vista, Linux, Mac etc.

So these are some of the free recovery software which you can easily install on your PC, Laptop operated on any operating system and easily recover your deleted data from the PC or external devices. These are the open source software means you can easily download from the Google without any cost and install on your PC or system to takes the advantages of this software. If you want quick recovery than you can also install other quick recovery software on the system through which you can recover data at a very fast rate.



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